An unforgettable stay …

The history of the Abbadia

Immersed in the ancient fascination of the cloister of San Giorgio.

The cloister

It dates back to 1484 when the Franciscan friars
built the convent with its double cloister and
chose it as their dwelling. The frescoes, which
are still partly visible in the lower open gallery
and which represent scenes from the life of St Francis
of Assisi, bear precious witness to their life here.

The church

The cloister is adjacent to the church of San Giorgio
which dates back to 1396. The view of the bell tower
and part of the church which one can enjoy from the
upper floor is really attractive and evocative.


Today, a project of

Greta and Francesca

Our strength lies in the friendship which links us and which dates back to the carefree times of childhood.

We like to savour the timeless beauty which surrounds us and being able to share it with all our guests
is a great privilege. The snug dimensions of our building let us take care of every detail and make each
of our guests feel that they are at home.